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What does PharMetrX offer?

We offer two programs: the PharMetrX Research+ Program and the PharMetrX Training+ Program. The first comprises an excellent research environment in the vibrant Berlin/Potsdam area, fascinating research projects in a highly relevant field, truly transdisciplinary supervision, and a competitive fellowship. Both programs offer a tailored training curriculum plus a network of peers. Interested?

I want to do a PHD—What does PharMetrX offer?

PharMetrX offers a first-class research, training plus network environment. We offer two programs:

PharMetrX Research+ Program:

You are looking for a PhD in an exciting and prosperous research area, within two truely trans-disciplinary research groups, supervised by leading experts in their fields, located at one of the two PharMetrX host universities (Freie Universität Berlin and Universität Potsdam), supported by a specifically tailored training module program, embedded into a network of peers, and supported by a 3.5 year competitive fellowship.

PharMetrX Training+ Program:

You have already started your PhD in the field of pharmacometrics (or will do so soon). You are looking for a specifically tailored training program of compact academic & industry modules that convey the foundations in pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics, systems biology, statistics etc. – and a network of peers to exchange with?


Both programs start jointly their Module Curriculum in March every year. Oftentimes, PharMetrX Research+ Students also start their research project in March, but the starting date can be determined individually.