Mission of PharMetrX

The mission of PharMetrX is to promote and boost the areas of pharmacometrics and computational disease modelling. The objective to bridge pharmacy and mathematics is realised by the combination of research groups that offer an attractive, trans-disciplinary environment for young scientists to pursue a PhD in an internationally renowned and structured Graduate Research Training Program.

PharMetrX offers highly motivated students a unique opportunity to acquire and expand knowledge, abilities and competencies in pharmacometrics and computational disease modelling involving various areas, such as anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, pharmacotherapy, clinical pharmacy, mathematical modelling, statistics, systems biology, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

To facilitate, manage and master the interdisciplinary character, within PharMetrX (i) a dedicated first-class module curriculum has been developed, in combination with (ii) joint supervision of the scientific progress and personal development of PharMetrX PhD students by both disciplines, pharmacy and mathematics. As a crucial element, for each PharMetrX PhD student an individual research and development plan is generated.

PharMetrX’s exceptional role is also reflected in the commitment and engagement of global research-driven pharmaceutical industry as supporting partners: Each PharMetrX PhD student is assigned a mentor from one the pharmaceutical industry partners. In addition, the industry partners also offer modules within the module curriculum, such as "Introduction to drug discovery and development". Thereby, PharMetrX naturally bridges the gap between academia and industry by an appealing new role model for academia-industry collaboration as Public-Private-Partnership.