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PharMetrX is also in the press, e.g., to raise awareness about the PharMetrX PhD program and what it has to offer, to report about admission of a new industry partner, or to mark special occasions, like its 10th anniversary in 2018.

Apply now! Call for application 2023/2024

The call for application 2023/24 is now open to start the PharMetrX Research+ Program or the PharMetrX Teaching+ Program with the tailored Module Curriculum in March 2024. Deadline: 15 Sept 2023

Call for application poster (PDF)

New PharMetrX Research Partnership

We are very happy to welcome Novo Nordisk as new member of the industry partner consortium!

Details in joint press release of Freie Universität Berlin and University of Potsdam

Congratulations to PharMetrX program chair Charlotte Kloft and her team

Charlotte Kloft was awarded for her innovative team work on ”Early Survival Prediction Framework in CD19-Specific CAR-T Cell Immunotherapy Using a Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Model“ (in Mueller-Schoell et al. Cancers 2021). Together with colleagues from the MD Andersson Cancer Center in Texas/US, Charité-Universitaetsmedizin Berlin and Wilhelm Huisinga from the Universität Potsdam, she developed with her team a mathematical model to early predict success of the innovative CAR-T cell therapy for the individual patient.

Further information: including a short video with the awardee and on the ceremony and on the award and the project.

PharMetrX at WCoP 2022

At the World Conference on Pharmacometrics in Cape Town/SouthAfrika, on 01 April 2022 PharMetrX has been invited to give a talk.

Within the symposium "Training of the next generation of pharmacometric talents around the world", we have the pleasure to give a talk on "A German perspective: What does “interdisciplinary” in training new pharmacometric talents really mean? Joint efforts and experiences from PharMetrX and beyond" and participate in the Panel discussion with all speakers of this symposium on "A Worldwide perspective: How to train the next generation of pharmacometric talents? We are looking forward to it!

International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) meets PharMetrX at the 131st session of the Federal Association of Pharmacy Students in Germany (BPhD e. V.) in Berlin

Joint Clinical Skills Event (CSE) with the focus "Pharmacometrics"

Critically assess standard antibiotic therapies, develop scientifically-based, optimised drug dosing recommendations and communicate the recommendations for your patient to the clinical team in a comprehensible way – based on a specific patient case study and with the aim of a more patient-tailored dosing regimen 4 teams of Pharmacy students presented their recommendation the "Hospital Antibiotic Stewardship Teams (PharMetrX doctoral students David, Davide, Franz, Yomna) in a 4 hour workshop setting on 13 November 2021 to learn more about key clinical pharmacy skills with a focus on Pharmacometrics. The winner team was awarded with a prize. A very succesful event to introduce Pharmacometrics to students across Germany and a lot of fun.

Follow-up events are planned

Apply now! Call for application 2021/2022

The call for application 2021/22 is now open to start the PharMetrX Research+ Program or the PharMetrX Teaching+ Program with the tailored Module Curriculum in March 2022. Deadline: 15 Sept 2021

Call for application poster (PDF)

PharMetrX research paper awarded

The article “Bayesian Data Assimilation to Support Informed Decision Making in Individualized Chemotherapy” by Corinna Maier, Niklas Hartung, Jana de Wiljes, Charlotte Kloft, Wilhelm Huisinga was recognised by the Editorial Team of CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology as an outstanding paper in 2020. France Mentré, editor of CPT:PSP: “This year, we will recognize the PSP paper published in 2020 that we feel most represents the type of research PSP strives to publish: timely, influential, and carefully researched.”

PhD thesis prize

Awarded to PharMetrX Research+ PhD student Iris Minichmayr

The doctoral thesis entitled “Pharmacometrics-based evaluation of antibiotic target-site exposure to improve dosing regimens in special populations” by Dr. Iris Minichmayr was awarded the PhD thesis prize by the Paul-Ehrlich-Gesellschaft für Chemotherapie e.V.. The Paul-Ehrlich-Gesellschaft promotes research and teaching in the field of antimicrobial therapy and awards outstanding scientific work with its PhD thesis prize every other year.

Apply now! Call for application 2020/2021

The call for application 2020/21 is now open to start the PharMetrX Research+ Program or the PharMetrX Teaching+ Program with the tailored Module Curriculum in March 2021. Deadline: 15 Sept 2020

Call for application poster (PDF)

Apply now! Call for application 2019/2020

The call for application is now open to enter the PharMetrX Research+ Program or the PharMetrX Training+ Program in March 2020. The application is through the online application platform. Deadline: 15 September 2019.

Call for application poster (PDF)