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Research Component

PhD students of the PharMetrX Research+ Program contribute with their projects to the PharMetrX research platform that comprises a larger network of research collaboration partners. The PhD students are part of the joint PharMetrX research group bridging both universities and disciplines; have a mentor from industry and are financed by a competitive research fellowship.

PhD Student Research

Over the past 10 years, we have built up a PharMetrX research platform in the areas of model-informed patient care (MIPC) and model-informed drug discovery & development (MID3). The focus is on a mechanism-based understanding of the drug-patient-disease interaction and advancement of theory & methods to contribute to decisions towards most effective therapies.


Co-/Supervision and Mentoring

Pharmacometrics & computational disease modelling is a highly transdisciplinary field. Within the Research+ Program, we support our PhD students by a truely transdisciplinary co-/supervision as well as mentoring by one of our industry partners.


Collaboration Partners

Many of PharMetrX's Research+ PhD projects are embedded in research collaborations such that our PhD students closely collaborate with experts in pure and applied research as well as clinical applications.



Publications are a key element to disseminate PharMetrX's research results—in addition to, e.g., talks and poster presentations at workshops and conferences. We communicate our results to the pharmacometrics community and beyond, to practitioners and clinicians.