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PhD Student Research

Over the past 10 years, we have built up a PharMetrX research platform in the areas of model-informed patient care (MIPC) and model-informed drug discovery & development (MID3). The focus is on a mechanism-based understanding of the drug-patient-disease interaction and advancement of theory & methods to contribute to decisions towards most effective therapies.

Modeling and simulation

PharMetrX PhD students do research on hot topics in pharmacometrics. Research projects can be more tailored towards one of the key disciplines (clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, mathematics/statistics, bioinformatics, or some related field), or very trans-disciplinary. A substantial research effort is in the therapeutic areas of infectious diseases and oncology, with a focus on monoclonal antibodies and antiinfectives, special subpopulations and multilevel description. To this end, PharMetrX has built up a network of regional, national and international research collaboration partners over the years.


While most PhD projects have a focus on modeling & simulation, including the advancement of theoretical concepts, PharMetrX also hosts PhD projects with an experimental part.