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Ayatallah Saleh
MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences / Helwan University, Egypt

PharMetrX Research+ Program
PhD student year: 2020

University of PhD: Freie Universität Berlin
Supervisor: Prof. Charlotte Kloft
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Wilhelm Huisinga
Mentoring I-Partner: AstraZeneca

PhD Project

Applying complementary pharmacometric approaches to elucidate complex pharmacokinetics and optimise anti-infective therapy (working title)


Please see the list of all publications and PhD theses.


  • 03/2020: Entering PharMetrX

  • 07/2019: Intern student at Pharmacometrics summer school, Minnesota University, USA

  • 07/2014-07/2015: Community Pharmacist at Al-Baklway Pharmacy, Cairo, Egypt

  • 05/2013-12/2014: Product specialist at Johnson & Johnson lifescan, Cairo, Egypt

  • 07/2012: Intern as Quality Control Analyst at QC Lab in Sanofi Company, Cairo, Egypt

  • 07/2011-09/2011: Intern as Clinical Pharmacist at 57357 Children Cancer Hospital, Cairo, Egypt

  • 2015-2019: MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Clinical Pharmacy) at Faculty of Pharmacy, Helwan University, Egypt

    Dissertation title: Population Pharmacokinetic Modelling of Tacrolimus in Adult Egyptian Liver Transplant Recipients

  • 2008-2013: Bachelor degree of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Faculty of Pharmacy-Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt

  • 2008: General Certificate of Secondary Education (Science section) at Victory College Maadi, Cairo, Egypt