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Johanna Melin

PharMetrX Research+ Program
PhD student year: 2013
PhD Student Year Representative

University of PhD: Freie Universität Berlin
Supervisor: Prof. Charlotte Kloft
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Wilhelm Huisinga
Mentoring I-Partner: Boehringer Ingelheim

PhD thesis

Pharmacometric approaches to assess hydrocortisone therapy in paediatric patients with adrenal insufficiency


Please see the list of all publications and PhD theses.


  • 03/2013: Entering PharMetrX
  • 08/2012: Registered Pharmacist
  • 02/2012-07/2012: Pre-registration Internship. Apotek Hjärtat Bellevuegården (Malmö, Sweden)
  • 08/2011–01/2012: Master Thesis work “Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis of atorvastatin and rosuvastatin in critically ill patients”. Therapeutics Research Center, School of Medicine, University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia)
  • 08/2006-07/2012: Master of Science, Pharmacy. University of Gothenburg (Gothenburg, Sweden)