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Undine Falkenhagen
MSc Mathematics / Humboldt-Universität

PharMetrX Research+ Program
PhD student year: 2018

University of PhD: University of Potsdam
Supervisor: Prof. Wilhelm Huisinga
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Charlotte Kloft
Mentoring I-Partner: AstraZeneca

PhD Project

Statistical approaches to model reduction in systems biology (working title)

In the field of systems biology, large-scale models are developed, which integrate comprehensive knowledge about pharmacologically relevant processes. Such models, however, are very complex and not suitable for parameter estimation in the context of analysing clinical data. Model order reduction can be used to leverage the knowledge in these models, to gain understanding of the relevant processes and facilitate parameter estimation.

My PhD project focuses on model reduction under parameter variability.

By not only considering reference parameters, but a distribution over parameter sets, it might be possible to mechanistically derive covariate relationships. As an example, I am looking at a coagulation model, from which mechanistic PD models for anticoagulants like warfarin could be derived by model reduction.


Please see the list of all publications and PhD theses.


  • 09/2018: Entering PharMetrX
  • 04/2016-08/2018 Research Assistant at Max Planck Institute for Human Development
  • 10/2015-08/2018 Master of Science in Mathematics at Humboldt University Berlin
  • 10/2012-02/2016 Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at Humboldt University Berlin