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PharMetrX Research+ Program

Research+ is a structured PhD program offering to its students an excellent research environment in the vibrant Berlin/Potsdam area, fascinating research projects in a highly relevant field, truly transdisciplinary supervision, a competitive fellowship plus a tailored training curriculum and a network of peers.

The PharMetrX Research+ Program comprises the three components research, training & network.


PharMetrX Research+ Students research on hot topics in pharmacometrics. Research projects can be more tailored towards one of the key disciplines (clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, mathematics/statistics, bioinformatics, or some related field), or very transdisciplinary. Individual PhD projects are typically part of the PharMetrX Research Platform.

Research+ Students perform their PhD studies under the joint supervision of

PhD research projects can be more tailored towards one of the key disciplines (clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, mathematics/statistics, systems biology), or very transdisciplinary. The individual PhD topic is mutually agreed on and takes into account your interests/expertise and our research agenda. Potential topics are usually discussed during the personal interviews. Formally, Research+ Students are enrolled at one of the two host universities: Freie Universität Berlin, Institute of Pharmacy; or Universität Potsdam, Institute of Mathematics, or Institute of Biochemistry and Biology. Both sites are easily accessible via public transport.

Research+ Students are part of the joint PharMetrX research group bridging both universities and disciplines, with

  • regular joint PharMetrX research group meetings,
  • joint (co-) supervision by the two chairs (guaranteeing transdisciplinary input into your research project),
  • frequent exchange on an individual basis,
  • an annual PharMetrX symposium jointly with all industry partners,

and much more. In addition, each Research+ Student also has a mentor from one of our industry partners.

Last but not least, Research+ students receive a highly competitive 3.5 years fellowship.


PharMetrX offers to all its PhD students a specifically tailored module curriculum of intensive, one-week block courses. The modules convey

  • theoretical foundations and
  • hands-on experience

in key areas. The training component joints students from the PharMetrX Research+ Program and the PharMetrX Training+ Program.

We are aware of the different backgrounds of our PhD students and thus start each module from the basics and offer support of various kinds (e.g. glossaries; summary sheets of basic principles). In the modules, discussions benefit from the complementary knowledge and skills of the participants. In the first year, the curriculum comprises four introductory modules on

Every other year, a module on data analysis & statistics is offered.

While the above modules take place at the two PharMetrX host universities (FU Berlin and U Potsdam), every other year, PharMetrX also offers the industry module ‘Walking along the value chain’, a one-week program organized by two of our industry partners, on-site of their plants. This module is a unique opportunity to get an in-depths and first-hand view into the different steps of the drug discovery and development process, to talk with experts and start networking. In addition, PharMetrX offers exclusively to its Research+ Students the opportunity for a one to three month industry internship with one of our Industry Partners. It is organized on an individual basis.


PharMetrX has enrolled many PhD students since its start in March 2008. While current PhD students research on challenging problems in the field of pharmacometrics and computational disease modelling, former students continue their careers as, e.g.,

  • junior professor
  • junior research group leader
  • head or member of modelling & simulation/pharmacometric/quantitative science groups within research-driven pharmaceutical companies
  • pharmacometrician in a biotech start-up
  • work within hospitals
  • started as entrepreneurs.

The PharMetrX Network of PhD Students was launched to maintain the connections and interactions developed in the PharMetrX program and expand these across the various PhD student years.

Every other year, all network members meet in Berlin for a one-and-a-half day PharMetrX Network meeting. It is an excellent opportunity for

  • personal exchange,
  • to discuss hot topics in the field,
  • attend keynote lectures, or
  • get some first-hand insight into possible career options.

Of course, PharMetrX PhD students also additionally meet each other regularly at conferences and workshops.